Is it time to get a new set of winter tires for your Buick Encore? At McGuire Buick GMC near Wayne, NJ, we encourage our customers to be prepared for the upcoming winter season. Whether that means inspecting and rotating your current tires or choosing and installing a brand new set, our certified service experts can help with any type of Buick service. Here are a few key elements of choosing winter tires that you should be aware of:

Know Your Tire Size

The size of your tires can be found on their sidewalls, on a sticker inside your vehicle door, or in your owner’s manual. An example of a common tire size is 225/55/17, where 225 represents the millimeter width of the tire tread that makes contact with the road, 55 represents the tire sidewall as a percentage ratio, and 17 represents the inner diameter of the tire in inches.

Studded or Not?

Studded tires, or tires with small metal nubs distributed throughout the tread, provide superior grip in slippery road conditions, but they’re not legal on all roadways and can be damaging to dry roads. Evaluate your upcoming winter driving plans and decide if studded tires are necessary for your vehicle.

Don’t Mix and Match

If your tires are worn unevenly, you might find yourself wanting to one or two to save money. However, mismatched tires can affect your vehicle’s handling and braking, which can cause wear and tear on expensive suspension and brake components in addition to being a safety hazard.

For more information on purchasing winter tires, contact McGuire Buick GMC today. We offer Buick service near Wayne, NJ and provide a wide selection of name-brand tires for your Buick Encore.