Servicing your car may not be the first thing you think to do now that autumn is in full swing. In actuality, now is the best time of year to make sure your GMC truck is ready for the upcoming winter season. Aside from checking fluids and possibly switching to winter tires, you should also consider scheduling a brake inspection. McGuire Buick GMC near Passaic, NJ has a full-service maintenance and service center led by professionally-trained technicians who care about keeping you safe on the road.

Daily use already takes a toll on your brakes, but heavy traffic and inclement weather can lead to premature wear and tear. If you notice anything unusual with your brakes, like strange noises or a loose brake pedal, contact our GMC service center in Little Falls, NJ today. Here are a few more signs that it’s time to have your brakes checked:

  • Brake warning indicator light is on
  • Vibrations when applying the brakes
  • Spongy brake pedal
  • Vehicle difficult to slow down or completely stop
  • Grinding, squealing, or screeching noises when braking
  • Vehicle pulling to one side while braking

Aside from these warning signs, you know your car better than anyone, so if something feels odd to you, don’t hesitate to have it checked out. Your safety is paramount, so keeping your GMC truck properly maintained with OEM parts and accessories will help to optimize your protection all year long. You can easily schedule a service appointment with us online, or you can visit our GMC dealership near Passaic, NJ. If your vehicle is safe to drive, stop by and speak with one of our service experts today.