Is your GMC Arcadia making a squeaking noise when you turn corners? Perhaps you’ve noticed some sponginess when you press on your brakes. Or maybe it’s just time for routine maintenance. McGuire Buick GMC near Fairfield features an onsite service department for all of your needs. Learn more about common GMC parts and repairs, then contact us with any of your concerns.

Routine maintenance for a GMC Arcadia

When you purchased your GMC Arcadia, then you also received an owner’s manual. This guide recommends certain services that you should regularly schedule to ensure smooth year-round performance. Our team handles all of your routine maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself. Along with oil changes, we also replenish or replace fluids and inspect your filters. Replacing your filters extends the life of your fluids and keeps your cabin air fresh.

Common repairs

If it’s not the time for a routine service, but you hear a funny noise on your GMC Arcadia, then we recommend stopping into our service center. Your SUV is designed for many years of use. But, certain parts wear out after extended use. If you catch it early, then you can easily replace the part without damage to your vehicle. But, if you wait it out, then you risk the minor problem turning into a significant issue or worse, resulting in an accident.

For example, that squeaking sound you hear when you crank your steering wheel may be a sign that your fan belt is about to fail. The fan belt controls your power steering, and without it, it’ll be tough to turn your steering wheel.

Schedule service at McGuire Buick GMC

Our team at McGuire Buick GMC is here to help you with routine services and repairs. You can count on us to use only GMC parts on your Arcadia. Plus, we can inspect any systems you’re worried about or answer your questions for extra peace of mind.