With bad weather just around the corner, there’s no better time to check out your brake system. If you’re not sure how long it’s been since an inspection, then stop by McGuire Buick GMC. We can tell you pretty quickly if you need new brakes immediately or can wait a few months. Learn more about how brakes work on your GMC Arcadia, then schedule your GMC service near Wayne with any questions.

Brakes on your GMC Arcadia

Although car models continuously change, some components work so well that you’ll find nearly identical systems on different brands and models. Have you ever wondered how your brake systems work? Your GMC Arcadia uses six major brake parts.

  1. Master brake cylinder
  2. Brake fluid reservoir
  3. Brake lines
  4. Rotors
  5. Brake pads
  6. Calipers

These elements work seamlessly to stop your GMC Arcadia every time. Once you press your brake pedal, then the master brake cylinder sends a signal to the calipers. These are located at each wheel. The calipers move the two brake pads per tire against the rotor. As the calipers press against the rotor, it stops spinning. In return, your car stops moving.

How do brakes wear out?

The more that you use your brakes, then the quicker they wear out. But, other things like salt and gravel cause more friction on your brake parts. Plus, your brake fluid evaporates over time, so it’s essential to keep this fluid topped off.

Get a GMC service near Wayne

Our team at McGuire Buick GMC near Wayne knows all of the parts on your GMC Arcadia intimately. A brake inspection only takes a few minutes, and we’ll be able to tell you if you need new brakes or can wait it out. Give our team a call and schedule your inspection today.